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“The purpose of education in the future will not be to create people with heads crammed full of knowledge, but to rear children who know how to efficiently use the whole brain.Rearing children with enormous ability, rich creativity, and the capability to make use of high proportion of their brain should be the goal of child rearing." – Professor Makoto Shichida

Right Brain Education Tools Australia is founded by a team of mothers and educators who aim to promote education from the heart for a happy and balanced emotionally inteligent individual in early years (age 0-6). Based on Professor Makoto Shichida's theory of right brain dominance in early years, we aim to promote education tools, method and resources that stimulate the right brain and equip every child with a strong foundation to grow up in our left brain dominant world.

We are comitted in searching for the effective tools and resources for parents, teachers and caregivers of young children aged 0-6.

Do contact us at info@rightbraineducationtools.com.au if you have any enquires or input and feedback on our work.

What is right brain training for kids?

"The main purpose of right-brain education is to bring out the potential and talents of children, already present in the right hemisphere of the brain." –Professor Makoto Shichida

The founding father of Right Brain Education is Professor Makoto Shichida. His right brain diminishing theory underlines the importance of early years training in activities that stimulates the 'image' brain as well as the importance of synchronization in the functions of the right and left brain.

The basic training in right brain education for kids emphasizes on the right brain visualization ability, high-speed mass memorization ability, high-speed automatic process function, meditation, breathing and positive suggestion or positive affirmation.

At Right Brain Education Tools Australia, right brain training at home is part of our everyday directed play time. We do not emphasis on getting it right. It is more of a fun and happy activity which we do together as a family. Try spending quality time with your children the right brain way using our tools and resources in our website and share your experience with us through our Facebook Page.

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