Right Brain Education for a Whole-Brain Child.

Right Brain Education is based on theory that right brain function is dominant in 0-5 yr old and diminish as a child grows up. Right Brain Education aims to maintain balance of both left and brain usage as children grow up in our left dominant world. While some identified Right brain functions are emotion regulation, image and visualization, bigger picture and whole concept (compared to left brain function which focus on details), spirituality, creativity, intuition; Left brain functions are equally important; logic, reasoning, methodological thinking.  

The purpose of right brain training using tools such as flash cards (image cards to stimulate the image right brain), mandala training for visualization and meditation, just to name a few, is not mainly to create a genius. It is to bring out the potential and stimulate the right brain functions so that a child could grow up using both left and right brain functions in balance.

We believe  that children could blossom to be a strong, happy, confident and intelligent individual if they could tap into their inner self and use both left and right brain in balance which could serve them as powerful tool to help in their life journey.    

Below is link to an article which I find interesting. It is based on the book : The Whole-Brain Child: An Effective Approach to Parenting By: Rifka Schonfeld.